Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Been A While...

I've been ghost-writing other people's blogs and haven't made time to write anything much as myself. Even my FB is sad and full of shared posts. I am surrounded by the words of others in many ways lately. I am one of the leads of a full-length feature film being created in Idaho. It's so amazing to act again, and I'm so grateful. It also reminds me, though, that I have stories to share, too, from my own heart and mind. Thankfully, the script is fantastic, full of emotion and realism, so the acting is filling some long empty creative spaces.

That said, sometimes when I can't sleep I'll think about a couple of novels I've been writing for years. I'll play out different scenes in my head, wondering what will make them good enough for others to read and like. Then, the next morning, I'll get too "busy" to jot anything down.

It's got to stop.

I have 1.5 posts I have to finish for a client tonight and then I'm going to write my own words.

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