Saturday, August 28, 2010

...and Getting the Job Done Is Better than Bitching About It

Have I mentioned how small my house is? It's wee. Seriously, it's approximately 750 usable square feet.

And I might be into minimalism, but my husband and five-year-old daughter are not. My husband would argue that since I constantly buy books & magazines and art supplies I am not a true minimalist. Whatever.
The point is that this crowded messy house causes me to groan every time I enter it (the husband would trade out "groan" for "nag" or "bitch"). Today I finally realized the answer is not to hate my husband for not caring (why would he do something about it if he's fine with it?), the answer is to forgo writing my papers for school and get to organizing.

I worked for three hours and felt like I barely made a dent, BUT it's a start and I already like my spouse a little more for helping me move some furniture without making any "suggestions."

Monday, August 16, 2010

...and Focusing Is Better than Letting Life Just Happen

Just got back from my 20th high school reunion and figured something out - I need to whittle my interests down and FOCUS!

So many of my high school buddies went on to do EXACTLY what they said they were going to do at our graduation. Me? I, uh, did a few things - not following through with anything to a huge success.

It's true, I had some lofty ideas that don't really come to fruition for a lot of people, but come on!! As I sat there pondering (well, I was dancing and drinking domestic beer, actually, but I was pondering while I did it) on the success of my friends, I realized I dabble too much. I'm like my daughter in the toy aisle - "Oooh, this looks fun! But this looks better....hmmmm....what about this?" I'm not going to do this anymore and you are my witnesses! Remind me when I get off track that I need to focus, please.

(Also, my rental car was a Ford Focus, so maybe something subliminal was going on, as well. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

...and Knowing Your Dark Side Is Better than Ignoring You have One

I wish I could go into this in more detail for you, so you would know where I'm coming from, but I can't really. People would be hurt & astonished and the planets would misalign causing scientific laws to be broken, and I couldn't live with that.

Basically, though, I covet, and I need to knock it the fuck off because it won't get me anywhere but (more) miserable fast.

Sheesh, I haven't felt this Catholic since 1982 - the year I told my mother, "I'm not Catholic. I just don't feel it. I might be Buddhist or Hindu or something." I was ten.
Thank you for listening to my vague confession. I'll go say the Hail Mary now.

(Where did I put that rosary...?)