Saturday, August 28, 2010

...and Getting the Job Done Is Better than Bitching About It

Have I mentioned how small my house is? It's wee. Seriously, it's approximately 750 usable square feet.

And I might be into minimalism, but my husband and five-year-old daughter are not. My husband would argue that since I constantly buy books & magazines and art supplies I am not a true minimalist. Whatever.
The point is that this crowded messy house causes me to groan every time I enter it (the husband would trade out "groan" for "nag" or "bitch"). Today I finally realized the answer is not to hate my husband for not caring (why would he do something about it if he's fine with it?), the answer is to forgo writing my papers for school and get to organizing.

I worked for three hours and felt like I barely made a dent, BUT it's a start and I already like my spouse a little more for helping me move some furniture without making any "suggestions."

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