Tuesday, August 21, 2012


With all the politics flying around this election year, this post will come across as propoganda.  Try not to let it.

Today I held my seven-year-old's body and hair (it's very long) as she projectile-vomited.  All day she'd been complaining of a sore throat and headache.  Off and on she cried because of the pain in her stomach.  Any other parent would have taken her to the doctor.  I didn't.

She's uninsured.

When you lack insurance and have no money, your options are narrowed.  People tell you,"There's that free clinic on Latah..." Yes.  Thank you.  It's open for two hours on a Monday night.  Today is Tuesday.  They have many suggestions, actually.  None truly work.  So I checked her temperature.  No fever.  That's a good thing.  If she'd had one, I would have taken her to the ER - the only place in town open at that particular moment that doesn't require insurance or payment up front. 

I'm not heartless.  I love my daughter more than anything or anyone.  She is my life.  I want to create the best life for her. 

We live in a jacked-up world.  People decry government assistance,"It's for lazy people!!"

Really? My daughter's LAZY?  Am I?  I once waited for five hours in the Health & Welfare office trying to get her CHIP, Idaho's insurance for children.  I make too much money.  When they told me the amount I'd have to make, I said,"How can anyone live off of that??"  Seriously?  Where would one live?  The homeless shelter??

Five hours is a long time anywhere, but when you're surrounded by crying children and crying mothers it seems to last years.  It was filthy and the workers acted like drones, which breaks my heart.  How can a person pull herself up when faced with that line on a regular basis?  No wonder people give up.

When people talk politcs and favor the tax breaks for the rich and getting rid of Medicaid, I want to scream.  If I were rich - no, WHEN I'm rich - I will gladly pay more to help my fellow Americans.  I donate time now to do that.  I don't have money; I have time and skills.  I do what I can.

What are you doing?

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