Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...and An Existential Crisis Is Better than Complacency


I have this building dread that I'm supposed to be doing something.  Not just anything, something.  Something that changes the world (or at least Boise).  Now before everyone starts privately emailing me or posting on my Facebook wall that I am special and a great mom (thank you in advance), I want you to know that I understand the importance of being Pooka's role model.  I take that very seriously, and that's just another part of this weird, nagging feeling: What will be the legacy I leave her?

I'm not the world's greatest businessperson, but I manage to scrape together a living being self-employed.  I'm not a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, but I can get my point across on a good day.  I'm not brave by nature, but I have been.

Which means I can be again, right?  If only I knew what I should be afraid of...

So, what is it that is pulling me?  I'm willing to jump as soon as it presents itself, but apparently I need IT to wack me upside the head with Thor's hammer.

What is IT?


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