Wednesday, March 17, 2010

...and Running for Cancer Research Is Better than Waiting

If you've had your hair cut by me in the last eight years, you've probably met my good friend Sheldon. He owns the building and lives next door. He's always good for a laugh and a shoulder.

I have some great Sheldon stories.

One night, while Abby and I were toiling away, the music next door became so loud that I had to go tell them to turn it down (oh, did I mention Sheldon's old enough to be my grandpa?). A strange man opened the door and Bobby Darin blasted me in the face.

"Sheldon! The entertainment's here!"

"Leave those girls alone!"

I left with a glass of wine for Abby and a tumbler of something that was supposed to be "the good stuff" for me that turned out to be tequila on the rocks...

Next time you see me, ask about the time Sheldon had the hot tub put in. Or ask Mark Barker, if you know him.

A few weeks ago, Sheldon was diagnosed with leukemia. He and Abby have a very special friendship and, while it's hard for me to watch and wait, it's been very difficult for her. He shaved his head last week for her pet charity - the St. Baldrick's Foundation - and I was proud of the smile she kept on her face.

So now it's my turn. I'm not brave enough to shave my head, but I'm training to run a marathon for Sheldon and for Abby, who loves him. My goal is the City of Trees Marathon here in Boise, October 10. I have friends that are already rooting me on, but I know I will follow through if I publish my goal - embarrassment is something I don't handle well.

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