Monday, March 22, 2010

...and PDA Is Better than TMI

The other day I saw a couple of teenagers basically chewing on each others faces. My reaction was more of the "enjoy it while it lasts, kids" variety than repulsion. Seriously, who doesn't miss being so into your significant other that you can't wait for privacy?

My reaction to the woman in the coffee line that said "I'm all itchy from my Brazilian" was not so blase. She wasn't quiet and she talked about it for a few more minutes to her mildly embarrassed friend. I got the impression that the monologue was for the benefit of the cute male barista who, hopefully, couldn't hear her while steaming together my breve.

It doesn't bother me that she'd had a Brazilian (and I'm hoping she was talking about a wax job, not a foreign exchange student) - I've been in the salon industry for fifteen years and could care less about hair removal - but the way she was using it for shock value really got to me...

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