Thursday, February 18, 2010

...and Pizza and Beer Are Better than a Diet

So my twenty year reunion is in August and I want to look my best, which means I've been (yawn) watching my caloric intake and exercising.

Not tonight, though. Tonight was all about the MacTarnahan's amber ale and cheese-crusted meaty pizza. Mmmmmmmm...

Tomorrow I'm going out to celebrate my friend Karli turning 30 (what a baby) and I'm sure I won't be abstaining from drinking cocktails then, either. If I keep the drinking to a minimum it will only be because of finances.

Don't think this means that I am some kind of lush - it's quite the opposite - I generally save the drinking for special occasions (like Thursday nights after Vampire Diaries...just kidding...kind of, I mean, I watch the show, but only because...oh, forget it).

Anyway, I don't drink every night.

The, gulp, dieting thing is always interesting. What will break me? Will it be sugar? Salt? Today it was both. Chocolate covered caramel corn from Harry & David and jalapeno potato chips, which led to beer and pizza.

Saturday, I will start all over so that I won't embarrass myself in front of the Class of 1990.

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