Thursday, January 12, 2012

...and Getting It Done Is Better than Getting It Perfect

GAH!!  Why is it that I can push myself really hard at times (had a baby without drugs, did a marathon, got published, opened Illuminate Salon), and then turn around and PROCRASTINATE like no one else?

Haven't I learned by now that it's always better to face my fears and forge ahead?  And what is so scary about, oh, creating a ten-page marketing plan for school?  It can only help me when I turn around and make one for Illuminate, right?

And the sooner I get the legal crap with my ex finished, the clearer my head will be so I can concentrate on the MANY other things I want/need to do, like, oh, WRITING.

If only there was a magical cheese I could eat that would push me...or bacon.  Yeah, a magical strip of bacon to give me energy.  That would be good.

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